AAC core vocabulary resources

Speech Language resources great resources for materials that can be adapted for therapy. Also has app list and resources to find apps. free visuals for behaviors and emotions Janice Light's (Penn State)website -great introduction to AC for young children with video examples

A guide to Picture and Symbol Sets click on the link to down load a PDF file comparing pictures and symbol sets to use for visuals and communication systems.

Communication Boards - can download software to make communication boards create animated movies - you write the dialog and add body language and expressions that can be adapted for therapy great resource for pdf files created using Boardmaker -material exchange free stuff from Slater - Picture It materials in PDF format , some PixWriter setups integrating AAC into the day powerpoint presentation by Linda Burkhart "Designing Light-Tech & High TechDynamic Auditory Scanning Systems" Dynavox Training AAC 101 from Dynavox Goal Grid training videos from Dynavox

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