Language Arts - Grammar

fromLarry Ferlazzo

Grammar Gold has a number of different exercises and provides audio support for its text.
Grammar Practice Park is a similar Harcourt site.
BBC Schools Bitesize 1 and Bitesize 2 also has many exercises and games.
Road To Grammar Jr. has many interactive grammar quizzes.
I think the use of Oxford University Press’ series of Phrase Builder exercises can help develop grammar, as well as listening, skills. Here are links to several of them:
Phrase Builder

Phrase Bank

Intermediate Phrase Bank

Upper Intermediate Phrase Bank
Ventures Arcade from Cambridge has some excellent reinforcing exercises for grammar. Their more advanced editions won’t be out until January, so for right now only exercises for Beginners and Early Intermediate are available.
Touchstone from Cambridge also has similar activities.
Grammarman offers online comics, with audio support for the text, that teach grammar topics.
Road To Grammar (different from the “Jr.” version) has a number of interactive quizzes.
Touchstone from Cambridge also has good activities if you go to books “3″ and “4.”
Classzone’s Grammar Arcade has many engaging games that reinforce grammar concepts. The link is a little strange — sometimes when you click on it you first get directed to Classzone’s main page. If that happens, just click on “California” and then click on “Go.”
Brainpop has a large collection of movies related to grammar. They’re closed-captioned, and also have quizzes. However, you do have to pay for a subscription. You can get a free trial, though. This is only one of two sites that I have reviewed on this blog that charges and that I recommend.
The British Council has a ton of grammar games.
I’m adding the Virtual Grammar Lab to this list. It has over 2400 grammar activities, and teachers can create a free account so that they can track student progress.
Center For Education and Training’s Flashed ESL site.
Interactive ESL Grammar Games comes from ESL Games
Animated Grammar tutorials from Great Source.
Movie Segments To Assess Grammar Goals is a blog by Claudio Azevedo from Brazil. The blog shares grammar exercises connected tomovie segments. He has online video clips embedded in the blog along with the exercises. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely his blog’s host, blogspot, is going to make it through many school content filters, but it would be easy enough to get the videos through Netflix or upload them to a site like Edubogs TVso they can be seen at school.
English Grammar Lessons has tons of engaging activities. Click on the grammar lesson you want on the left side of the page and, then, when you get there, click on any of the exercises that will be on the right side.
English Grammar Secrets has many good grammar interactives.
Focus On Grammar appears to provide online support to a grammar textbook. In order to access it, you just have to type in your email address. It’s not flashy at all, but I think it’s surprisingly good.