Accessible Materials Resource list for accessing math and science materials

to use synthetic speech applications with symbolic math (i.e., algebra, statistics, etc.), then you'll most likely need to convert the content to MathML first
MathML can also be used to read column style addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems, assuming you format the problems correctly

Common Core

ScootPad. It lets teachers set-up virtual classrooms to monitor student progress in grade one-to-three reading and math lessons. And it’s free.

Math websites to generate problems

Fractions Math manipulatives more time activites

Basic Facts free math web program to practice basic facts need to sign up for a login- math games that can be played against others around the world. Games are at a variety of levels for elementary and secondary students. Includes facts using algebraic expressions.
practice math facts A favorite for math facts***

Measurement Practicing measurement

Patterns from the ED Math resources

Everyday Math

external image pdf.png MathMessagesVolume1.pdf
Grade 5

Word Problems can sign up and receive a problem each day. Go for elementary - nice way for families to do math together each night

Time create time worksheets

Interactive Time Tools

Stop the Clock

Clock Game (digital/analog)

Just In Time

Clock Wise
Stop the Clock (words and visuals)


Place Value
Math: sequencing numbers, using hundreds chart, grades K-5

Number Sense Connect the dots, counting by ones, tens, etc

Some worksheets for ordering numbers

Basic Worksheets:

Word Problems:

Number Line sequencing numbers

Math Resources

Brain Flips - Flash Cards-create and share flashcards for a variety of math skills such as basic facts, math vocabulary, etc.


word docs explaining how to make a graph
word doc explaining how to draw in word
word doc explaining how to make a table in word

Games (mixed skills) Math games for many levels (starting at basic counting) some online games and teacher resources -has subscription accounts also, higher level math games (shape manipulating, finding multiples...). Has reading games, too.
ZooWhiz is a good — and free — Australian site with tons of interactive games and exercises for pre-school, elementary, and middle school (and for English Language Learners who are even older).
Users have to register for the site, and teachers can create virtual classrooms for their students.

Enrichment Activities

Virtual Manipulatives
Provides teachers and students access to virtual manipulatives, grades K-12. Click on the GeoBoard once you visit the site to access the virtual manipulatives. Math manipulatives

Progress Monitoring math online support grade 2 and above. Teachers create classes of five students or more. Teacher can assign specific tasks to the students and then monitor their progress. videos to explain math and science concepts - practice support. Teachers can create, track and manage student progress by creating a "coach" id with and have students add them as their "coach". Starts with Basic Addition and subtraction videos and practice.
www.**learnzillion**.com/LearnZillion offers free video lessons for grades 3-9 that align with the Common Core. Teachers can create playlists, track progress.

Math telling time activities more time activites one more time activity resource Math manipulative variety of games to practice skills

Create a Graph
Interactive Time Telling

Intervention support - free 30 day trial for math interventions

Greenwich Public Schools Elementary Math Wiki

Dynamic Paper games, videos, worksheets - organized by grade and skills

Math Apps: app to solve math problems and show the steps
myscript calculator app - turns handwriting into the digital problem and solves
myscript math pad - handwriting equations turned into digital equivalent

Math spreadsheets for apps: - On this page, they differentiate between iPad and iPhone/iPod apps - Click on the link that says "Click Here To View the Mega Google Doc"

Counting Coins by
Teaching number lines by Little Monkey Apps
Counting Money by Education
Kid's and patterns by Yik Jin Low
Splash Math by StudyPad, Inc.
Pizza Fractions by Brian West
Tell Time by Little Matchups
Math Tappers: ClockMaster by HeavyLifters Network
Math Tappers: Estimate Fractions by HeavyLifters Network
Math Tappers: Multiples by HeavyLifters Network
Addition and Multiplication Number Bubbles by Unripe Grape
MathBlaster HyperBlast by Knowledge Adventure
My Math Flash Cards App by Power Math Apps
Quick Tip by Spare Change Software